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GU launch the Energy Stroopwafel

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Friday 16th September 2016
Do you struggle to find tasty stuff to fuel your runs? GU have very exciting new options for you! GU have taken the Stroopwafel, which is in my opinion the greatest thing to come out of the Netherlands since my husband’s family, and converted it into a sports nutrition product! 
GU’s Energy Stroopwafel is a dutch-style syrup waffle that acts like an Energy Gel, but tastes like a breakfast treat. It’s the sports nutrition answer to what to eat for breakfast before training. Because it provides complex carbohydrates, amino acids and electrolytes like an Energy Gel, it can be used in place of Gels for all-day, optimum performance during any activity. So whether for breakfast with coffee before a training run, during your weekend long run or race, or at work when an afternoon energy burst is needed, the Energy Stroopwafel is food that’ll keep you fueled. 
Inspired by the 18th century Netherlands stroopwafel, the Energy Stroopwafel is not your average snack. This delicious syrup-filled creation has all the nutrients needed to power performance: quality carbohydrates (complex and simple carbohydrates provide immediate and long-lasting energy) essential amino acids (prevent mental fatigue and repair muscle damage during long-duration activities), and electrolytes (replenish what’s lost when you sweat). It’s the latest addition to GU’s Nutrition Matrix – a holistic nutritional system designed to help you properly hydrate, energize, and recover.
“In addition to complementing our sports nutrition offering with an exciting new dimension, the Stroopwafel is simply irresistible,’ says Magda Boulet, GU Vice President of Innovation, Research & Development.  “My favorite way to eat the Salted Chocolate Stoopwafel is for breakfast with almond butter and a cup of coffee.  A perfect combination of carbs and protein to power any activity.”
While it delivers what your body needs without any unnecessary ingredients, the Energy Stoopwafel also tastes great and is easy to digest. There are four flavors – Caramel Coffee (has an added caffeine boost), Salty’s Caramel, Salted Caramel (gluten free), and Wild Berries (gluten free with caffeine). Energy Stroopwafels come in boxes of 16, individually wrapped, at £30.24.
For videos providing more information about the GU Energy Stroopwafel visit http://www.guenergy.co.uk/product/gu-energy-stroopwafel/ 

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