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Ehunmilak 2017 is open for entries!

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Friday 4th November 2016
The 8th edition of the Basque Hundred Miles (which is what ‘Ehunmilak’ means) will be held from July 7-9 with three trail races: “Ehunmilak”, “Goierriko 2 Haundiak” and “Marimurumendi”
The build-up to the race starts now (November 3rd), with the opening of registration for Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® 2017, a race of growing importance in the international calendar of ultrarunning.
The race’s success has been achieved organically, through word of mouth among fellow ultrarunners, first within the Basque Country, then on to Spain and nowadays on a truly global scale as proven by the media coverage from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and even Japan. The 2017 Ehunmilak strives to stay, as always, true to its original spirit, that of making each and every popular runner feel like a true star, from their arrival in the Basque Highlands in the Goierri region, to the iconic finish line at Beasaín.

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The passion for the race is shared by more than 1,500 volunteers catering to its 1,295 runners. The race organisers have great attention to detail, from showers and massage per every runner at the 80k and 130k marks or the personal delivery of the bib and race guide to every registered runner’s home, weeks before the race.
Registrations for #Ehunmilak17 opened on November 3rd and will close on June 6th or until the races sell out (as they did last year), whichever comes first. There are 1,295 bibs available in total: 515 for the Ehunmilak-168km; 515 for Goierriko 2 Haundiak-88km; and the last 265 for the Marimurumendi alpine marathon.

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Registration is only possible through the races official website, which offers multilingual versions in Basque, Spanish, French and English http://www.ehunmilak.com/en/
Ehunmilak is a qualifying race for events such as UTMB or Hardrock
- UTMB awards 6 points per Ehunmilak-168km and 4 points for G2h-88km.
- Hardrock considers Ehunmilak its ONLY qualifying race in Spain, and one of only four in all of Europe.
Ehunmilak requires a mandatory medical certificate and electrocardiogram, both required for health and safety measures.
·       Web: www.ehunmilak.com
·       Twitter: @ehunmilakg2 #Ehunmilak17

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