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Book review: Fast Fuel, Food for Running Success

by kirsty
Monday 21st November 2016
The world is full of recipe books and everybody is an expert on nutrition these days. Barely a day goes by without being told we should be low carb, sugar-free, fat-free, high fat or just clean (in an eating sense, whatever that means). It’s a confusing mass of information, often pushed by people who are either selling something faddy, not qualified to advise us, or, often, both. 
So why is Renee McGregor’s book different? Well, firstly, Renee is a dietitian. This means that she’s qualified to degree level and part of a regulated profession, which is unlike being a nutritionist where qualifications are variable and it isn’t regulated. And if word of mouth is your quality check then Renee’s name is often associated with lots of top runners and sports teams, such as Holly Rush, Robbie Britton and the GB wheelchair basketball team. 
Renee’s book is also simple and practical. There are no faddy, complicated diets or aspirational, cringingly posed instagram style lifestyle photos in here, just simple rules for nutrition. It’s a breath of fresh air.
There are three chapters which set out the basics. Chapter one, fuelling basics, lays down simple stuff like what foods provide carbohydrate, protein and fat and where things like gels, shakes and caffeine fit in. In chapter two Renee examines how to best fuel different types of training, from 5k to ultra, before, during and after a run. There are suggested meal plans in here. Chapter three moves on to issues like injury, fatigue, overtraining, and stomach problems and how your nutrition can help address these. 
And then comes the best part of the book: the recipe section. This is packed full with fantastically easy ideas for breakfasts (apple breakfast bread, oaty banana pancake), light meals (avocado and feta toasts, margherita frittata), main meals (lamb and spinach curry, purple pancetta penne), snacks and portables (carrot and ginger cake, date bars) and even desserts (rhubarb granola crumble). None of them are fussy and they must be easy as I’ve made a load of them and not managed to mess any up! 
If you want a no-nonsense guide to running nutrition from a highly trustworthy source then this is the book for you. Get it on your Christmas list now. 
Fast Fuel: Food for Running Success is published by Nourish Books and priced at £9.99 

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Kirsty Reade

I’d describe myself as borderline obsessed with running, racing, reading about running, and watching others run so hopefully I’m fairly typical of Run247’s visitors. I tend to do longer races, particularly off-road marathons and ultras, but am pretty much a fan of any distance. I'm passionate about helping runners of all levels to improve through running communities I'm involved in, such as Underground Ultra and Free Range Runners. 


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