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All I want for Christmas...

by editor
Friday 2nd December 2016
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The run-up to Christmas is in full swing. TV is full of pretentious perfume adverts, town centres are packed with people buying useless stuff which will be tipped into landfill in 6 months’ time and any day now a bumper issue of the Radio Times will drop. In an effort to get back to basics we asked some of Run247's contributors and interviewees what they really, really want for Christmas.
Gary Dalton: An internet free day. Now I'm as guilty of this as the next person but wouldn't it be nice if we just took one day to run for the sake of it? Not worry about loading our stats up to Strava, who's taken our favourite segment or whether we used a Garmin or Suunto? There'd be no photos of muddied shoes on Instagram or carefully grafted selfies on Twitter. We'd just run. 
And more time. I have a pretty easy life. No huge demands on my time other than work and my wife but I still struggle to find time to run. Now admittedly some of that is my capacity for procrastination so if Santa was in a particularly generous mood I'd ask for better time management skills. The ability to do what I'm supposed to when I'm supposed to do it instead of wasting hours faffing about achieving nothing.
Holly Rush: Mmmm. ....can I have a new younger model of myself please? If that's not possible then I would love a personal chef for the year. I could order homemade porkpies when ever I fancied!
Natalie White: I really don't know... a stronger set of legs to win the Tor des Géants? 
Realistically a canicross set so we can race with Rosa... Then the whole family can get involved (not sure Robbie will agree hehe)
Paul Shanley (sales and marketing director of Run247): This is what I really want: a Samsung Gear 360
I want to be able to take some 360 video at some races and on some special training runs! I also like the idea of going running with lots of people and then doing a video of everyone circled around the camera so you have a video where you can see everyone! [He’s an excitable sort] 
Robbie Britton: All I want for Xmas is a 2018 Western States Entry. Those things are like rocking-horse shit.
Apparently I'm murder to buy presents for because if I want something, then I get it. 
Mimi Anderson: I’d like a dietitian for the first 8 months of 2017 to prepare me for my trans-America world record attempt in September!
Damian Hall: All I want for Xmas is… a bit more head hair, a higher VO2 max and an entry to Hardrock. Not much to ask, is it?
Tarquin Cooper: My own personal sports masseur or failing that a block of physio vouchers to keep myself in working order and prevent injury – which is always an on-going battle! 
Pip Haylett: Next year’s running calendar sorted. And more time. 
Susie Chan: A personal trainer to help me get strong. Arms, back, glutes, core, it all needs work! As a stocking filler I would like a wheel of parmesan. I love cheese. 

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