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Run Forever: the Nicky Spinks film

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Thursday 26th January 2017
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We went along to the screening of the Nicky Spinks film, Run Forever, at the Running Works in London. Nicky made the trip down south, so as well as seeing the film we were lucky enough to have the chance to pick Nicky’s brains in a Q and A session afterwards.  
As most people know, Nicky Spinks took on the incredible challenge of running the Double Bob Graham Round last year, looking to break the current record. The ‘single’ Bob Graham consists of 42 peaks, 66 miles and 8000m of ascent in the Lake District and the challenge has to be completed within 24 hours. So yes, Nicky decided to attempt all of that, twice, in under 24 hours. And if the film was just about that attempt then it would be a very, very cool film indeed. However, this film is about so much more than the Double Bob Graham. 
So why did Nicky do this? Nicky has completed many rounds, holding the records for the Bob Graham, Paddy Buckley and Ramsay Rounds. She has won many prestigious fell races and placed high up in many of the world’s toughest ultra races. It’s fair to say she’s a fan of pushing herself to her limits and likes a bit of a challenge. But the Double Bob Graham was a particularly special challenge as Nicky did it to mark being free of cancer for 10 years. 
The film covers Nicky’s cancer diagnosis and its devastating effect on her and her family. Nicky talks about the uncertainty - about what treatment to have, about waking up from her operation not knowing whether the surgeon had managed to get it all, about not knowing whether she’d be around in a year, 2 years. Most of us can only imagine how hard this must be, and 10 years post-cancer must have marked a huge milestone for Nicky.  
Facing adversity is certainly a theme of the film. Adversity in overcoming illness and adversity in running for 40 plus hours in the fells with only 10 minutes of sleep. If it sounds a little grim it’s actually anything but, this is an incredibly uplifting film. From the sweeping shots of the landscape, to the touching tributes from well-known people on the fell running scene (Joss Naylor, Jasmin Paris, Roger Baumeister, the previous record holder for the Double Bob Graham), to the fact that Nicky is smiling IN EVERY SINGLE SHOT, you can’t fail to feel a warm and fuzzy feeling when watching this film. Nicky appears so strong and positive throughout the Double Bob Graham, even as pacers half her age are sweating profusely and needing a bit of a sit down. There’s a lot of inspiration to be gained from watching this film. 
And perhaps the most touching thing about this film is the snapshot it provides into this amazing fell running community. Any Bob Graham attempt involves a team of people - pacers, supporters, people to cajole you to eat and use whatever means necessary to keep you on track - and what an incredibly supportive group of people Nicky had. I know that Nicky supports many others on their Bob Graham recces and attempts and people simply repay that favour in an unspoken agreement. There’s so much mutual respect among these runners and I thought it just showed the very best of the running community. No competition, no jealousy, no smack talk, just a mutual bond of loving what they do. 
I can’t recommend this film highly enough. It gives you a small insight into what it takes to attempt a huge challenge like this. We gained a little more insight and some great tips from Nicky’s Q and A, so here are a few highlights, recreated in Nicky’s typical down-to-earth, no fuss style. 
The world according to Nicky Spinks
Eating: force yourself to eat whatever you can, every half an hour on big runs. If you can’t face anything, make yourself.
Run envy: even Nicky suffers from this. Before her Double Bob Graham she watched some YouTube videos of ‘long-haired, bearded American runners doing 10,000m of ascent every day’ which made her think she hadn’t trained enough. 
Avoiding nerves: Nicky worries about remembering to pack everything before big challenges so she now packs all her stuff 2 weeks before the run (much to the amusement of her husband)
Crying: if you have to do this (and Nicky does admit to one small outburst on the Double Bob Graham) get it out quickly and get it over with! 
Celebrating a huge achievement: Dinner and a 12 hour sleep in a posh hotel? No, Nicky celebrated her successful Double with curry and chips, closely followed by locking her keys in her van, necessitating an RAC callout. Keeping it real. 
This event was put on by inov-8 and it was free to attend, with donations to Nicky’s chosen charity, Odyssey, encouraged via a raffle of very lovely running related things (trainers, physio sessions, hand-printed images from the film).

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