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Sleep your way to better running

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Friday 3rd February 2017
It’s estimated that as many as one in three people struggle with ineffective or insufficient sleep, due to the pressures of modern living. Are you one of those affected and if so, how does it impact your running? 
Chronic sleep deprivation has been associated with elevated risks of cardiovascular disease, malignancy, cognitive impairment, mental health disorders and metabolic disease as well as impairment of work performance and quality of life. Tiredness and fatigue have significant public health and economic implications due to reduced productivity, absenteeism and workplace accidents.
Sleep is also now recognised as an important factor in the performance of elite athletes with studies showing that sleep counselling can improve performance but also that ineffective sleep may be more prevalent than previously suspected in professional athletes. 
One solution may be the CHHP sleep clinic. They investigate sleep disorders, insomnia and ineffective sleep using lots of tried and test techniques and technology and they have a focus on the management of lifestyle issues. After assessing elements like your sleep duration/quality, your use of caffeine and alcohol and your sleep hygiene (bedroom temperature, light and noise) they will help you to optimise your sleep.
CHHP is the Centre for Health and Human Performance. Their Director of Performance is Professor Greg Whyte. 

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