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Are you lucky enough to be heading for some winter sun?

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Monday 6th February 2017
We’re all shivering away in sub-zero temperatures in the UK at the moment, so lots of runners decide to get away for a bit of winter sun. While that sounds very appealing, it can be hard to go from running in the freezing cold to taking on a race in nice, warm conditions without it affecting your performance. 
One of the overseas marathons that Brits are now flocking to is the Limassol Marathon GSO in Cyprus, which takes place on Sunday 19th March 2017. The organisers have put together 5 top tips to help runners to maximise their performance in the warmer weather. 
1.     Wear light clothing 
Your wardrobe choice before you step on the plane to Cyprus can really help your performance on the day. By choosing clothing that is light in colour, lightweight and with vents or mesh, you are helping your body to deal more efficiently with warmth. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying gear won’t absorb sweat and lighter colours will reflect, rather than absorb, the sun. A microfiber cap with ventilation will then protect your face from the sun and allow heat to evaporate. Finally, it’s always advisable to apply sun cream 30 minutes before exposure.
2.     Hydrate sufficiently 
As with any exercise and in any weather, drinking enough fluid is important to keep the body hydrated. How much you need to consume will depend on which race you run in Limassol, how much you tend to perspire and what you yourself know your body needs for your chosen distance. The best advice for marathon runners is to have a drink regularly before and throughout the race, as needed, and replenish lost electrolytes soon after running.
3.     Adjust your pace
Even runners very used to the heat may experience a degree of reduced performance in hot conditions. If the temperature warms up during the course of your race, adjusting your pace to run marginally slower kilometres will help you conserve enough energy to finish strong. Even if you are happily running at your target pace, you will benefit from a refreshing sea breeze and the natural cooling effect of being near water thanks to Limassol’s coastal location.
4.     Arrive early 
Those travelling to Limassol from abroad are likely to have the luxury of a day or two either side of race day to enjoy the city and surrounding area. If you can arrive a day or two before the race, this is a great chance to get over the journey, become accustomed to the spring climate and know what to expect on race day.
With this in mind, the race has set up a fantastic range of packages with first class accommodation to ensure that athletes have the best possible relaxation and recovery facilities pre- and post-race. From peaceful, luxury hotels with spas and balanced menus to city centre hotels with swimming pools and beaches, the city is ready to help athletes prepare for their race and recover from their efforts. All packages include a free pasta party pass which is a great chance to socialise as well as to stock up on carbs before hitting the start line. These packages offer the most economical and hassle-free way to enjoy Limassol Marathon GSO.
5.     Avoid caffeine and alcohol
Tempting though it might be to enjoy the Cypriot coffee and exceptional hospitality, your body will thank you for avoiding caffeine and alcohol before you race. Both coffee and alcohol are diuretics, meaning that they increase urine output which in turn dehydrates the body. Coffee in Cyprus is particularly strong, albeit delicious, so it’s advisable to save your caffeine fix until after the race, when you can sit back and relax and enjoy a traditional Cypriot coffee in style. You will certainly have plenty of chance to do this as it is something of a ritual on this friendly, welcoming island.
About Limassol Marathon GSO
Limassol Marathon GSO is Cyprus’ biggest sporting event, offering six different race distances. In addition to the full 26.2-mile Marathon there is a Half Marathon, Petrolina 10K Energy Race, 5K City Race, PrimeTel 5K Corporate Race and a McDonald’s 1K Kids Race. Together these offer a complete sporting experience and make the event ideal for individuals, families and running clubs of all ages and abilities.
The AIMS accredited Limassol Marathon GSO will be celebrating its 11th year in 2017. It is well known for offering a flat, fast and straight course stretching along Cyprus’ beautiful Mediterranean coastline, offering athletes a real chance of achieving a PB as they enjoy the magnificent views and refreshing sea breeze. Early spring warmth, ancient ruins and delicious, healthy food complete the picture-postcard setting.
New for 2017 are increased cash prizes with generous time bonuses and age category trophies.
Places are still available for the 2017 race. Go to http://www.limassolmarathon.com/ for further race details and to sign up now.
Like the Facebook page and follow @RunLimassol #RunLimassol on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all the latest news about Limassol Marathon GSO.

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