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5 tips to avoid pre-race injury

by editor
Friday 10th February 2017
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Lots of us are stepping up the training at the moment in preparation for a race, a forthcoming challenge, or just as part of our start of the year fitness kick. But as we know, stepping up our training can be one of the things that leads to us getting injured, especially if we neglect our recovery. 
The people at 2XU have given us 5 top ideas for recovery at this key time. Clearly they make compression clothing, so that’s one of them! 
1. Yoga - relax and rejuvenate while improving flexibility and strength.
2. Ice baths - constriction of blood vessels reduces inflammation, swelling and tissue breakdown.
3. Foam rolling - reduces tension and tightness between muscles and fascia.
4. Stretching - stationary or dynamic, this is a simple way of extending muscles beyond their usual axis.
5. Compression - tightness increases blood flow back to the heart and removes lactate from tired muscles. 
Hopefully one of these tips will work for you.

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2XU Hypotik reflective compression sock


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