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Plantronics Backbeat FIT earphones review

by Susie Chan
Monday 13th March 2017
I’m one of the people that love listening to music when I run. It helps pass the time, can speed me up or soothe me on a long run, and in some ultras, have brought me out of a dip. The only problem I have are headphones. Many don't seem to be good for running.
Maybe I have odd shaped ears, but I struggle to find comfortable ones that stay as I run along. Also, without being too graphic, it can get a but sweaty and that not very comfortable and seems to make the earphones slide around a bit... Also, another thing which happens to me a lot is catching the cord in my (flailing?) running hands and that yanks out the tunes from my ears too.

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Step forward Plantronics Backbeat FIT earphones. Could these wireless earphones be the answer? Will they stay in? Will they pass the sweat test? Are they easy to work?
I'm reasonably impatient when it comes to setting up anything technical. By reasonably, I mean very. Fortunately these were pretty much ready to go straight out of the box. No need to download an app. No complicated set up. All you do is switch them on and Bluetooth a connection. It really was that easy.
Next up operation. Looking at them there there small buttons on each ear. Off/on, volume, fast forward, rewind pause and play are all operational directly from the earphones. Once I had had a few goes, it seemed reasonably easy to remember. 
When you switch them on they tell you if you are connected and how much play time you have. You will get 8hrs play on a full charge. The only snag here is that it's another thing to remember to charge. But charging hardly takes any time at all. 15 minutes will see you through a good sized run. 
So far so good. How did they perform on the run? 
These go round the nape of your neck, and hook over your ears and are made of rubber so they sit pretty comfortably and stay in place. Being waterproof too the sweat was not an issue. No cord swinging about, and as I've got a phone with no headphone jack, these are just the ticket. 
I've been wearing these headphones for a few weeks now and have no complaints at all. The price point is good, and they come variety of colours if you like to coordinate your headphones with your trainers. 
Now I've gone cordless, I'm not sure how I can go back! 
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Susie Chan

Susie Chan is an endurance runner, who runs all sorts of races from 1 mile to 100 miles and beyond. Her favourite races are multistage ultras. Find her on Twitter @susie__chan Instagram @susie_chan_ or read about her races on her blog www.susie-chan.com

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