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Odlo Ceramicool will keep you cool as the temperature rises

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Monday 13th March 2017
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Now it’s officially - dare we say it - getting a bit warmer we thought we’d bring you some news of a new product from Odlo that’s designed to help reduce skin temperature when you’re running in the heat. 
Odlo has just launched Ceramicool, clothing with active cooling technology in the product. Available for both men and women the Ceramicool product is unique because it provides an active cooling technology. This revolutionary technology has gone through rigorous endurance tests at EMPA which has demonstrated that it reduces skin temperature by 1°C.

Odlo tee

The Odlo Ceramicool technology combines unique three-way process to keep the body at the perfect temperature even on the hottest days:
• Ceramic microparticles with excellent
 thermal conduction properties are incorporated into the garment yarn - these quickly draw heat away from the skin
• The flat cross section yarn structure creates tiny air channels that quickly transfer heat away from the body.
• The lightweight, low bulk of the yarn increases breathability
and ventilation to boost cooling airflow.
Within the Ceramicool collection there three different ranges to choose from:
• Ceramicool Seamless: garments are made of 100% Ceramicool yarn. They also feature seamless functional zones and a UPF of 30+
• Ceramicool Pro: garments are a combination of Ceramicool yarn and cleverly positioned mesh panels, with a UPF of 25+
• Ceramicool: garments feature Ceramicool technology on the garment’s inner in sensitive areas such as the underarms, neck and back, and it has a UPF of 20+.
All the designs in the Ceramicool collection have a soft feel and are extremely breathable. The Ceramicool yarn also offers a natural anti-bacterial effect. The graded Ceramicool versions also feature the tried-and- tested Effect by Odlo technology. They feature fresh prints that have been inspired by ice crystals. The athletic designs of the Ceramicool range include shirts, T-shirts, singlets, boxers and pants.
Find out more about Odlo Ceramicool here: www.odlo.com/uk/en-gb/

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