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Review of Runderwear's new anti-VPL hipsters

by Caroline44
Thursday 16th March 2017
The Brief Review (pun intended!)
Very comfortable, seamless underwear that didn’t move, chafe or rub. Tested on a couple of long sweaty trail runs and an interval session, I forgot I was wearing them. Which is about as good as it gets for running underwear!
The Full Review
When I was asked to review these, I was a little uncertain about trying out a hipster brief.  Being a definite “apple shape” than a “pear”, I tend to carry any excess cushioning on my stomach and after 2 large babies and way too many pies, I prefer the coverage of a higher waisted Tai style brief. But then I figured that my body shape would be a good test of their sticking power!
On first impressions, I was quite impressed with the design of the brief.  The material is soft and silky with a light stretch and a shiny finish that means shorts/leggings can move freely over the top.  The elastic around the waistband is integrated into the material with extremely neat seams around the legs that look to be bonded together.  As this particular member of the Runderwear wardrobe has been designed to remove any “visible panty line”,  I felt duty bound to test mine out on my full range of running wear from compression tights through to a well-loved pair of gym shorts. I can report that there is, indeed, no vpl (visible panty line, not Vancouver Public Library – Google says there is one of those).


Now that I had tested the superficial qualities of the brief, it was time to take them out for a run. Okay so now for a confession – I don’t tend to wear underwear with running shorts which have an internal brief. So it felt a bit weird when I first put my shorts on over the hipsters.  But, 2 minutes into the run, I failed to notice any difference and completely forgot about the underwear.  Which is a good thing, because it meant they didn’t move, rub, chafe or do anything to make their presence known.  Between washes, I then tested them on longer trail runs in both full length and short running tights with the same results. Add to this, I can confirm that they are breathable (at least on a warm Spring day in the UK). 
As I haven’t had them for long, I cannot testify to their longevity. However I have washed them a few times and so far so good.  You will need to take care not to fling them in the tumble dryer, as I suspect this would shorten their useful life somewhat (they are 71% polymide and 29% elastane)
Overall verdict: these are a very good pair of running briefs. 

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