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New Performance Roller for all your marathon niggles

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Wednesday 22nd March 2017
As people training for a spring marathon – including Brighton, Paris and London – really ramp up the mileage, they may well be feeling it in their legs, especially the calf muscles, glutes and hamstrings.  Help is at hand to ease out these niggles and speed recovery between runs in the shape of the new Performance Roller from Physical Company (£19.99 physicalcompany.co.uk).
This ingenious foam roller has a uniquely patterned surface specifically designed to facilitate hundreds of exercises to break down knots, release tight muscles, ease painful trigger points and strengthen the deep support muscles. Even better, it comes with a library of exercises which can be instantly accessed by holding a smart phone over the NFC Tag embedded in the Performance Roller to reveal a range of moves to try.
  • Before a run, the Performance Roller increases circulation and promotes a better range of motion to prepare your body for the miles ahead.  
  • After a run, it helps support deep, effective stretching to help improve recovery time. 
  • Between runs, use it for deep tissue massage for greater flexibility and mobility.
The Performance Roller has a hollow core, making it extremely lightweight. Hard-wearing and durable, it’s two inches longer than 99% of other foam rollers on the market, making it ideal for back and core work too.
To take your myofascial release to the next level, try these three classic stretches for runners.  
Calf muscle release
  1. Sitting on the floor place the Performance Roller under the bottom half of your right calf, with the left knee bent and both hands out to the sides for support. 
  2. Raise your buttocks off the floor and continue to roll slowly from the ankle to below the knee and return. Repeat the exercise on the opposite leg. 
  3. To increase the targeted massage, place the supporting leg across the leg already on the roller and continue to roll.  
Glutes release
  1. Position the Performance Roller under the upper portion of the right buttock, with the left leg extended and the right knee bent. Hold the left hand inside the Performance Roller.  
  2. Roll forward to the top of the Glute and then back to the start position. Repeat on the other side.
Hamstrings stretch
  1. Sitting on the floor, place the Performance Roller at the bottom of your left hamstring with your right knee bent and both hands out to the side resting on the floor. 
  2. Raise your body off the ground onto your hands, roll to the top of the hamstring and return. Repeat on the opposite leg. 

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