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Sidas provide some relief for runners' feet!

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Friday 7th April 2017
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If you struggle with blisters and sore feet when you run then it’s likely you’ve tried lots of different measures to sort it out. Shoes, socks, talcum powder, vaseline, blister plasters, the list is endless. 
I felt like I’d tried everything and I’d eventually resorted to pre-long run preventative blister-plastering my errant toes. But this has the unhappy consequence that after a long run you have to remove a very sticky thing from sore toes, which isn’t always very nice. So when we were sent some new products for blister prevention I was interested, but didn’t get my hopes up. 

Sidas footcare

The package of products from Sidas Sport consisted of: 
  • Anti Friction Cream (to lubricate your toes to prevent rubbing) £15 for 75ml
  • Recovery Cryo Gel (to soothe your sore toes post-run) £15 for 75ml
  • Gel Toe Wrap (to stop toes from rubbing against each other) £8 for a pack of 4
The idea is that you use the Anti-Friction Cream at night, to soften your toes up, then apply it a bit more liberally before you go for a run. It’s lovely stuff. It’s made from marine collagen, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils. The idea is that it creates a protective film that increases the elasticity of your skin, while also moisturising it. I found that it made my toes nice and soft and really prevented my toes rubbing together on the run. It definitely made a difference to my own personal blister issue (between big toe and two two).
The Recovery Cryo Gel is designed to be applied after your run and it was also nice-smelling stuff. It contains peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree and when you put it on it has a numbing effect that was pleasant in a weird way. It cools and soothes and it is very lovely stuff when you’ve been on a really long run and your have that slight throbbing toe feeling. 

Sidas creams

I didn’t try the Gel Toe Wrap as I got a size large, which was a bit big even for my sausagey toes. But it’s designed as a preventative measure, to stop toes from rubbing against each other, and it’s washable and reusable. 
All in all I found the creams really helped solve the issue I’ve always had with my feet. It’s very pleasant stuff to use, whether you suffer from blisters or just want to keep your feet in good condition or smelling nice. It isn’t cheap stuff but I’d say that it’s very good quality and much more effective than a lot of cheaper solutions. 
Find out more at www.sidas.co.uk

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