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Wiggle Nutrition energy gel review

by Burnham Jogger Ben
Friday 5th May 2017
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At first glance I thought ‘what an eclectic mix of flavours’ (although a colleague of mine had spoken of a mojito flavoured one, though not sure what brand it was) and I was open to trying any of them.
My first experience was during a parkrun in which I wanted to see how they opened and tasted prior to the Reading Half. Fruit punch was on the menu and it was very tasty when being used half way round the Newbury course. 
During the Reading Half I chose orange, blackcurrant and lemon and lime. These served me well at 3 mile intervals and gave a boost. I don't like the Lucozade drinks provided on the course because they become too sticky and are quite heavy to carry for longer than a few hundred meters. My only bugbear with using the gels whilst on course they were hard to open from one side unlike other brands where they have two parts to open. 
I found that the peaches and cream one to be a bit too sweet although the citrus flavour was really nice when I used it at the end of running to the parkrun venue from home (approx 7k).
Lemon meringue was the last one to be used in a recovery run a few days after the marathon and it was not too sweet and very useful when lacking energy.
Would I use them again? Yes. Would I have preference towards certain flavours? Of course.
You can buy Wiggle gels from www.wiggle.co.uk. They’re priced at £6.99 to £7.99 for 20, depending on flavour. 

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