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The thorny issue of wobbly bottom

by Lou H
Monday 26th June 2017
On a recent run with a friend I mentioned that I was looking for some running tights that could reduce my bottom wobble when running!  This has been a minor preoccupation of mine for a while now.  My current fix is to wear running tights and a pair or running shorts over the top to give a ‘double layer’ of bottom support.  It works to a point but I would like to find some running tights that do the job single handedly, so to speak. 
Could Falke Cellulite Control Sport tights be the possible answer?!
First impressions
I was a little surprised and might I say disconcerted when they arrived.  Firstly I’m a size 12/14 and the size deemed suitable for me was an XL.  I often find I end up needing at least a size L.  Really at a healthy size 12-14 should this be the corresponding clothes size?! So after being a little mentally scarred and annoyed by my XL sizing I began assessing the garment. 
They were black and despite the XL sizing looked fairly small – like they should fit a 10 year old rather than me in my 40’s.  
Even though they looked small – they were really stretchy and fairly easy to pull on – which isn’t true I’ve found of some ‘compression’ tights.  They are double layered which initially meant a bit of fiddling about to make sure the double layers were both where they should be.  The overall feel once I had them on was of sturdy fitting tights that were the right side of supportive rather than constrictive.  I was intrigued to see how they would be on the run.

falke cellulite
Falke cellulite sport tights modelled by a model

Were they comfortable?
I actually found them really comfortable.  The material is soft and nicely stretchy.  The double layering means they feel fairly thick, and with that comes the sense that these will hold my ‘wobbly’ bits.  They have a different thicker material for the waist band which comes up to a comfortable height and they were plenty long enough from crotch to waist – not cutting in an uncomfortable or unsightly way which some tights do.  The waist band could be folded down – giving extra support to that muffin top area, or pulled up – supporting a higher waist position.  I couldn’t tell which way they were supposed to be worn, so I experimented with both.  Both felt good. 
They do feel a little strange due to the skin touching layer being an unusual mesh type material (which is still soft), but not so that you would notice once you’ve got them on and are running.  They do make quite bold claims that they can “help to reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing blood flow, improving your skin’s elasticity and even making your legs slimmer over time.” (Falke.com) For more technical product information follow this link: https://www.falke.com/uk_en/damen/cellulite-control
I imagine when running it gives your thighs and bottom almost a gentle massage and support.  Unfortunately due to the timing of when I started trialing these, I haven’t been able to wear them enough to test these cellulite control claims.  I’m certainly hoping they are true, but for me it was more important to find tights that offered my bottom and thighs comfortable support when running.  I definitely found these did that. 
On the run I felt well supported, and confident in my new tights.  I even wore them without the extra shorts layer, and with a shorter top – a true mark of bottom confidence in my book.  It felt good to run without thinking about whether I was visibly wobbling.

I would like the sizing to be adjusted so that I don’t have to buy an XL when I’m a size 12/14!  They do go up to an XXL so they are available a little bigger – but what about women beyond these sizes?
Would I recommend them?
These are not tights for warmer weather.  Having tried these though, I liked the brand enough to be interested in trying other products more suitable for warmer running.
However, for colder weather / seasons these could become my favourite running tights.  They ‘re comfortable, warm, but have good breathability and most importantly I felt  ‘held’ and supported so less wobble!  Even more, I felt they gave me an ‘at my best’ silhouette which let’s face it, is always nice.

Find out more about Falke cellulite control sport tights here

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