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The 8th edition of Ehunmilak Ultra Trail is coming!

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Sunday 2nd July 2017
· The Basque Highlands will host 1,200 trail runners, looked after by 1,500 volunteers
· Three races: Ehunmilak-168km; Goierriko bi Haundiak-88km; Marimurumendi-42k
#Ehunmilak17 celebrates the eighth edition of the hundred Basque miles, setting a new mark in the sustained growth of an event, which now hosts three mountain races. The Marimurumendi marathon (42km) and Goierriko 2 haundiak (88km) sold out all entries in just a short time after opening registrations. At the same time, the challenging main race of the event, the hundred miles Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail  commands such a deep respect that only veterans with years of experience and preparation take it on, this year having surpassed the 400 mark for the first time.
All of the 1200 runners from 16 countries and their friends and families will benefit from one of the most committed organizations that deploys up to 1.500 volunteers, that together with the renowned Basque passion for endurance sports will make sure that at Ehunmilak you will never run alone.

EHM landscape
Some of the spectacular scenery from the course

New to Ehunmilak for 2017: The main novelties of this eighth edition relate  to the environment, sports control, safety and live race tracking.
• In the environmental field, extended measures are applied on waste recycling, with an ever larger number of containers for selective recycling in the race.
• Sports control includes specialized personnel to ensure no runner receives external support in any form, as well as checking out mandatory gear per each entry.
• Live race coverage will be available via geolocation, video streaming and radiotrail.  All ultrarunners for the 88k and 168km races, will be geotagged by GPS, ensuring optiming info for their followers plus top-notch safety of all. It is also worth mentioning the increase in emergency specialists to cover the route with greater guarantees. Finally, fans will be able to follow the race by live streaming video as well as radio, with a live show of up to 30 hours coordinated by veteran trail journalist Mayayo from the #radiotrail show at Maratonradio.com
Races to be held on 7-8-9 July, with start and finish lines all at Beasaín, Gipuzkoa.
The 3 events of this eighth edition will be held next weekend, July 7, 8 and 9 with departure and arrival in Beasain. Two of the races will start on Friday July 7th (Ehunmilak at 18:00, Goierriko bi haundiak at 11:00 pm) and the little sister will be held on Sunday, July 9 (Marimurumendi at 9:00).
The two more accessible races sold out earlier than ever, reaching 515 and 265 entries respectively for Goierriko bi haundiak trail (88kkm/D+6.500m) and the Marimurumendi mountain marathon (42k/D+2300m).
As for the Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail main event, its demanding course of 168km/D+11,000 meters continues to attract an ever larger number of participants per year, as its reputation for beauty, personality and toughness grows ever bigger. There will be 409 aspirants this year to its finish line.
Key data: #Ehunmilak17 registers 1,189 trailrunners, 9.6% of whom are women.
• Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail (168km): 409 registered runners from 15 different countries, of which 20 are women. In the 3-people team mode,16 teams are registered.
• Goierriko 2bi haundiak (88k):  515 runners from 3 different countries are enrolled, of which 37 are women.
• Marimurumendi (42k):  265 participants registered from 5 different countries, of which 57 are women.
The event attracts runners and journalists from 16 countries, including: Japan, Portugal, France, Germany, United States, Andorra, United Kingdom, Argentina, Austria, Uruguay, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Hungary. The number of volunteers continues to increase year after year,  with more than 1500 volunteers to help in this edition. As in previous years there will be a bus service for fans, friends and familiy to follow the event live from one site to another with five special bus lines created for the event.
Race live coverage: runner geolocation, video streaming and radiotrail show.
The Ehunmilak.com website will be constantly updated during the days of the race to add all different ways to follow the event live.
• There will be a geolocation system to follow all runners at the Ultra-Trail-168km and Goierriko bi haundiak-88k.
• Live video images or streaming on the web and on the giant screen of the main square of Beasain with live images of the most interesting areas of the tour.
• Radio show live by #radiotrail team led by Trail journalist Mayayo at MaratonRadio.com (official radio of ehunmilak 2017), will offer +30 hours of live broadcast in 3 languages ​​(Basque, Spanish and English), with live connections coming from different points of the route.
For more information: Official Hashtag #Ehunmilak17
·       Twitter: @ehunmilakg2
·       Website:  www.ehunmilak.com

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