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Ehunmilak 2017 is go!

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Friday 7th July 2017
The European trail running calendar is now full of highly popular, quite similar races. But look hard enough and you’ll still find some real diamonds in there. For me, Ehunmilak is one such race. 
I first came out to Ehunmilak last year, knowing nothing about the race or the Basque Country, but expecting a fairly similar format to lots of other European ultra trails. What I found was a unique race, delivering a unique experience to runners. 

pasta party
The beautiful venue for the pasta party, or should that be 'paella party'

We’re out here again this year and we couldn’t be happier to be experiencing it again. You really get a taste of Basque culture, quite literally when we went to see a sheep farmer who makes the Idiazabel cheese that this region is known for this morning. At lunchtime the pasta party was held at the Palacio de Igartza, which is a very grand building a bit like a Tudor Mansion. Giant paella dishes were brought out. And before the start of the race traditional Basque songs were sung and dance danced. 

EHM start
And they're off! Ehunmilak 2017 is go! 

The ‘big one’, Ehunmilak (which means 100 miles in Basque) kicked off earlier this evening and the ‘little one’ G2H (88km of the Ehunmilak route) starts at 11pm. For those looking for a little less running and a lot more holiday there’s also the Marimurimendi Marathon on Sunday. 
We will be reporting back on all the races but if you’re looking for an adventure for next year I strongly urge you to check out the races at www.ehunmilak.com and get it in the calendar. 

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