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Tor des Geants: day two

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Tuesday 12th September 2017
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Day 2 of the Montane Tor des Géants (TDG) is considered the hardest day, encompassing high ascents such as Col Entrelor (3,002m), Col Loson (3,299m) and Fenêtre di Champorcher (2,827m). The major lifestations are Cogne (66 miles / 106.2km) and Donnas (94 miles / 151.3km).
Race leaders
At the end of day 1 frontrunners Collé and Dominguez had reached Eaux Rousses with 2 minutes between them. Throughout the early morning, Dominguez gradually extends his lead. They arrive at the Cogne lifestation at 03:00 and 03:04 respectively. 94 miles / 106.2km into the TDG, they enter the Donnas lifestation at 10:07 and 10:08 respectively, having navigated 2,827m of ascent of Fenêtre di Champorcher. Unbelievably, the Gressoney-Saint-Jean lifestation is next. At 128 miles / 205.9km in, they reach it at 22:22 and 22:32 respectively. 
The pace is fast this year – Dominguez and Collé have covered 94 miles / 151.3km in less than 24 hours. 30 minutes below the current course record set by Iker Karrera (ES), which stands at 70 hours in total. 
The women’s race is dominated by previous winner, Lisa Borzani. She has led from the outset and was heading towards Rhêmes at the start of day 2. She reaches La Sassa (102 miles / 164.9km) at 18:22 with a lead of just under 3 hours over her nearest rival, Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote, who clocks in at 21:10.
#TeamMontane competitors
Kota Toriumi was the first #TeamMontane racer to reach the Valgrisenche lifestation on day 1 in 31st place. In the early hours of day 2, he reaches Eaux Rousses (01:57), having crossed Col Entrelor (3,002m). He arrives at the Cogne lifestation at 08:12, spending slightly over 30 minutes there, shorter than many others. By 23:12 he has reached La Sassa. 
Kevin Hadfield arrives at Rhêmes shortly after midnight (00:38). Cogne soon follows at 11:04, with a longer break, then Champorcher at 21:09. Stefano Gregoretti reaches Rhêmes at 02:59 on day 2, with Cogne at 14:59, where he rests up until 17:07. He is headed towards Champorcher as the day comes to a close.
Next is Petra Mücková. Running strongly on day 1, she reaches Rhêmes at 02:33 on day 2, then Cogne at 14:10. Spending 40 minutes there, she is last recorded at 21:56 at Champorcher making for the lifestation at Donnas. She is making her way up the field, sitting in 15th place in the women’s category at the end of the day. Can she catch up with Kevin?
Debbie Martin-Consani is just 10 minutes behind Petra at the start of day 2. She arrives at Rhêmes at 02:53, then Cogne at 13:51, having overtaken. However, sticking firmly to her strategy, she spends longer at the lifestation than Petra, leaving at 15:58. She is recorded at Champorcher at 23:40, currently in 17th place in the ladies race.
There are 697 competitors remaining in the race, with 170 withdrawals.

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