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Commando Series is back with 3 new obstacles!

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Thursday 5th October 2017
This November sees Commando Series return to Hever Castle on the 11th and 12th November 2017 with three brand new obstacles from the CTCRM handbook, bringing it’s biggest, and toughest, obstacle course yet. The 6km obstacle challenge gives ‘recruits’ of all ages and abilities the chance to experience the mud, sweat and pain of Commando training at one of the most authentic commando courses in the country manned by authentic Royal Marine Commando instructors. New obstacles for 2017 include ‘Leap of Faith,’ ‘Raiders of the Lost Commando,’ and the ‘Gate Vault.’ Once again, the Commando Series course is endorsed by national charity partner, The Royal Marines Charity, and recruits can take part to raise vital funds for the charity.  
Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

The ‘Leap of Faith,’ is a long, dark drop through a tunnel to the ground. Royal Marine Commandos need to adapt to all conditions and finding their way through the dark in unfamiliar surroundings tests their bravery and teaches them to have faith in their own instincts. Commando instructors will teach recruits how to sit down, lie back and shuffle forward using their heels and shoulder blades to safely leap through the dark abyss. Back yourself – there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!
Raiders of the Lost Commando


Faced with crossing a wide stretch of river, recruits must pull themselves and their team safely across the width of the river whilst on a Rigid Raider, a traditional Royal Marine beach assault vessel used by amphibious forces. Keep your back straight, engage your core muscles and use long, wide tugging motions to pull your team across the river. 
Gate Vault

Gate vault

In the field there are always obstacles to be negotiated and a Commando cannot afford to be slowed down in a live fight. The ‘Gate Vault’ sees five two-mete high gates spaced throughout a small copse near the end of the 6km course. ‘Recruits’ will learn how to tackle these by clambering up the gate, using the crossbars as footholds, and once again using core muscles to swing their body over the gate and lower themselves to the ground. 
Amongst the new obstacles, several classic Royal Marine training obstacles return to the course, such as the Sheep-Dip, the Monkey Bars and Peter’s Pool. Many of the obstacles are exact replicas of the training obstacles faced at Royal Marines Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon and allows the public to experience elements of the official Royal Marines tests on the Endurance, Assault and Tarzan courses. The new obstacles bring the number to twenty-one across the six-kilometre course, which can be completed twice for an epic 42-obstacle challenge. For an even more authentic feel recruits can carry a 21Ib kit of combat webbing and a wooden rifle. 
Different Levels of Endurance
Whilst the Commando Series course is tough, challenging and rewarding, different levels of toughness are available to make this event suitable to all ages and abilities. Sign-up to the ‘Just Get Me Round’ option to have authentic Commando Instructors assist you on the course, or sign-up to ‘Treat Me Like A Commando’ to experience the real deal. The ‘We Are Family’ option allows families with children as young as eight to compete together with encouragement from the Commando instructors. 
Military Encampment
On arrival ‘recruits’ will enter the event village resembling a military encampment where they will change into their Commando Series t-shirts and ‘cam up’. Recruits are then led into a holding pen for a high energy warm up conducted by an ex-Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor, before getting official ‘orders’ to set off around the course.  Conducted with a backdrop of Hever Castle, the historic estate and grounds was originally a medieval defensive castle, the scene is set for a true battle of wills. This year’s event will see a Remembrance Service held on each day.
Brian Adcock, Commando in Chief, founder of the Commando Series and ex-Royal Marine himself knows what it takes to be a commando. He comments, “The Commando Series course has always put our recruits to the test, and the addition of three new obstacles makes the an already considerable challenge even harder this year. It’s a great opportunity to get stuck in, get muddy and have fun. We’re delighted to be able to offer this unique course in the grounds of such an incredible venue to so many people of all ages and abilities.’
Early bird tickets are priced at £55, but get in there quick as they'll be rising next month!
So do you have what it takes to be a Commando?
Visit www.commandoseries.co.uk for registration and more information. Commando Series is on Instagram,
and Twitter.

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