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Strava launches new posts feature

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Tuesday 17th October 2017
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Are you tired of posting your run on Strava but then having to go to your other social media accounts to talk about it? Sure, you can post photos and give it a witty name but you can’t really get across just how tough/beautiful/wet it was. Nor can you air your general thoughts about running. You really need to use other means if you want people to really pay attention to your running.
That is, until now! Strava has just introduced posts, a new way for athletes to share even more of their athletic lives on the social network. Posts gives all Strava members the ability to upload non-activity content in the Strava feed so they can share stories, post photos, ask questions, share useful tips and articles and engage with other athletes. 
The tens of millions of athletes who already record activities, track their training and connect with friends can now share even more motivating, unfiltered posts about the sports they love. Alongside the new posts functionality, Strava also introduces a newly updated feed that makes it easier for athletes to see what’s going on in their athletic world and to discover challenges, clubs and group events. The feed prominently highlights photos and display group activities that feature all of the athletes involved. Posts are available now to the entire Strava community, and the new feed will be fully available later this week.
Learn more about posts here.
“Strava is an active community of people who are passionate about their sports.” says James Quarles, Strava CEO. “We want to create more ways for the community to share their interests and expertise. Posts and the new feed make Strava the best place to tell a story about someone you met on the trails, ask a question about new gear or to seek kindred spirits to help achieve your goals.”
Earlier this year, select Strava athletes demonstrated the multiple ways to use posts, asking questions, offering tips, sharing workouts and races, and posting stories and images. Their content was really varied, ranging from funny (sometimes intentionally), to inspiring, to bafflingly pretentious. 
Susie Chan, a UK runner, said: “Athletes Posts has enabled me to share the experiences I have had alongside my activities. Sometimes there is more to a run than the miles and the pace, often there is a bit more to say. I have enjoyed putting some of my activities into context, tell a bit of a backstory and share the inspiration that has made me go and run.”
To learn more about Strava, visit www.strava.com

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