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Friday 27th October 2017
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It’s that time of year again. You’re now likely to be doing some of your running in the dark and it’s vital that we runners stay nice and visible to car drivers. Traditionally it’s time to don the oversized trucker’s high viz vest, but what if a) you’re swamped by this one size (i.e. trucker size) garment, or b) you want to inject a bit of style into your nighttime exertions? 
We bring you some innovative and stylish (well, more stylish than the trucker vest) options to help you stay safe and be seen this winter. 
1. Gato LED Safer Sport Vest (price £22.00)
This is an amazing product, which will make you stand out like a Christmas tree. It has LED lights which you can set to either flash or stay on, on both the front and back of the vest. All of the straps are adjustable so you can make it fit snugly, whatever size you are. 

Gato X-Vest Reflective (left) and the Gato LED Safer Sport Vest and Neon LED Armband (right)

2. Gato X-Vest Reflective (price £10.00)
This is a more streamlined version of a standard reflective vest but it’s available in sizes small, medium and large, and it has an adjustable waist strap. A nice, simple, minimal and well-fitting vest.  
3. Gato Neon LED Armband (price £10.50)
This is a brilliant bit of kit, which just straps onto your arm with velcro but gives out a really visible light. You can set it to either flashing or constant light and it’s available in either red or green. 
4. Proviz Pixelite Tech Gloves (price £32.99)
These are great gloves - really warm and breathable - that would be good for any winter run. However, they’re also magic! They’re black but when it’s dark and some light hits them they glow white like something from a sci-fi film. This very clever Pixelite material really helps you stand out when running, especially as your hands move around a lot when you run. Well, mine do. 

Proviz 1
Proviz Pixelite Tech Gloves (left) and Reflect360 Running Rucksack (right)

5. Proviz Reflect360 Running Rucksack (price £49.99)
Rather than adding reflective bits, Proviz have gone the whole hog and made this rucksack reflective all the way round. It’s a very useful pack for run commuting. There are zip pockets at front at the side for easy access to your phone, wallet or travel pass. It’s also very adjustable - on the waist strap and chest strap (which also moves up and down). It’s got a ventilated back to help to avoid that extremely sweaty back you can get when you run with a full pack. There’s a big reflective section on the back as well as strips on the sides and front. In terms of storage there’s one big pocket with laptop sleeve and room for clothes etc. There’s also another decent sized pocket, as well as stuff pockets at the side. All in all it has a 10 litre capacity. You can even put a water bladder in there. It’s a good rucksack, perfect for run commuting, with the added benefit of making you really visible on the pavement. 
6. Proviz Reflect360 Waterproof Dog Jacket (£24.99)
Let’s not forget our best friends. If you run with your dog it’s just as important that they are visible to cars and other pedestrians. This dog jacket actually came about through users of other Proviz products writing to them saying ‘what about my dog?’. That sort of reaction to customer feedback gets my vote every time. This dog jacket is waterproof and 100% reflective. Passing drivers will think it’s an alien invasion. It’s also very lightweight so the dog will barely notice it’s there. Even my dog doesn’t mind it and he’s very picky about what he wears. 

Proviz 2
The Proviz Reflect360 Waterproof Dog Jacket

Find out more about the products featured at www.gatosports.com and www.provizsports.com

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