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Forth Edge launch new packages

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Wednesday 1st November 2017
Earlier this year we told you about Forth Edge, a new biomarker profile service. Read more about what they do here
Since then the business has been going from strength-to-strength, with the recruitment of several high profile ambassadors and positive reviews from the media and athletes alike.
An innovative service, Forth Edge is the first of its kind in the UK, allowing athletes of all levels to have access to biomarker profiling, along with a comprehensive digital platform to track changes and patterns. Rather than a short-term snapshot, this offers a long-term insight enabling you to build your unique biomarker profile so you can understand how your body is responding to your training and lifestyle choices.

Forth Edge

The team initially launched with three different package options, ‘Endurance’, ‘Power’ and ‘HIT’, but are very excited to announce the addition of three further package options – ‘Race Fit’, ‘Training Load’ and ‘Recovery’:
Race Fit
The ‘Race Fit’ package has been put together for those who are ‘at the beginning of their fitness journey’, or are looking to take on a new challenge and want to ensure they are fit and healthy. It tracks the impact that training can have on the body, ensuring optimum health for race day.
So if you’ve recently signed up for your first sprint triathlon, or are taking on London Marathon for the first time next year, then this is the package for you.
Training Load
Overtraining can show itself in many forms – often characterized by fatigue, illness and poor performance amongst others. In extreme cases, the only solution is to rest for a considerable period of time. The ‘Training Load’ profile measures the body’s key indicators for stress, inflammation and immunity, making it easier to identify when you are at risk of ‘overcooking it’.
Perfectly suited for endurance athletes, or those who take on frequent intense training and put their body under a good deal of stress.
Following a heavy training block or hard race, the body sustains damage, and in turn becomes fatigued. It is often very difficult to identify the extent of this until starting upon the next hard session.
The Recovery package is unique in that it features three test kits. Test kit one as a starting test, to establish a baseline. Test kit two for 24 hours after a race/hard training block. And test kit three, two weeks later.
This is the ideal test for those who want scientific insight into their own personal recovery profile, so that it is possible to properly manage their return to training.
Sarah Bolt, Founder of Forth Edge says, 
“We are really excited to be in a position to launch our new Forth Edge packages, which are a direct result of the feedback obtained from our partners and customers in these early months. Our aim is to make biomarker testing and tracking available to all athletes, irrespective of the sport they do, or the level to which they compete. By introducing these new tests we offer athletes scientific insight into important aspects of their training to help them not only optimise their performance but also protect their health. Protecting the health of the athlete is an integral part of the service we offer and an area we want to build on further with new profiles which will be launched early next year”
Interested to find that “missing piece” in your performance jigsaw?
Visit www.forthedge.co.uk, and follow the team on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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Forth Edge - biomarker testing and track...Could Forth Edge give you that 'missing piece' in your performance jigsaw?

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