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Keeping the niggles in check with THERAPEARL

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Friday 24th November 2017
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With lots of us either recovering from a long season, or about to embark on marathon training for a Spring race, it’s important to deal with those niggles. 
THERAPEARL make a very clever little product, which works as a hot and cold pack. It’s made of tiny, soft pearls that stay soft even when it’s frozen, so it’s perfect for wrapping round and moulding to any sore spots. It even secures with a velcro strap. All you have to do is pop it in a microwave or put it in the freezer for 20 minutes and you’ve got hold or cold therapy at your fingertips (or on your knee). 
They recommend using it cold to reduce swelling and bruising, and hot to provide penetrating pain relief. It’s a perfect little package to have in your cupboard, should you have any niggles or sore spots during your winter training. It could even make a good Christmas present for the runner in your life. 

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