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Wahoo introduce the new TICKR FIT

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Thursday 4th January 2018
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Do you like to use a heart rate monitor but don’t like the restrictive feeling of a strap across your chest? Maybe you’ve tried an optical one on a watch but not found it very accurate? Now there’s another option - the Wahoo TICKR FIT, which sits on your arm. 
Wahoo Fitness, the tech-fitness specialist known for its range of connected sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, have announced the addition of the TICKR FIT. As the latest addition to the TICKR heart rate monitor family, the Wahoo TICKR FIT delivers the accuracy of a chest strap with the comfort of being on your arm.

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Providing accurate heart rate and calorie burn data alongside unrivalled comfort, the TICKR FIT comes equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology to seamlessly and wirelessly pair with fitness apps, smartphones, and GPS bike computers and watches. Worn on the forearm, the TICKR FIT comes with an adjustable band and is designed for your most gruelling workouts, featuring water-resistant technology and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours.
“Even though a chest strap offers the highly accurate readings, it’s not the most comfortable option for many people,” said Wahoo Fitness Heart Rate Product Manager Taryn Lushinsky. “We’ve worked hard to maintain the accuracy and simplicity that Wahoo is known for, while offering something a little different for those customers. The TICKR is one of our most popular products, and we feel the addition of the FIT brings another level of versatility and technology to the already user-centric product line.”
The TICKR FIT joins the TICKRX and the best-selling TICKR in Wahoo’s heart rate monitor family. Whether you need to monitor your workout intensity, distances covered, count reps, or just want to accurately count calories and heart rate, there’s a TICKR wearable heart rate monitor to get you this data and help you meet your fitness goals, no matter where you work out.
For more information, please visit: uk.wahoofitness.com

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