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Ways to stay motivated through January

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Friday 12th January 2018
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Apparently January 12th is statistically the day when most people let their fitness related new year resolutions slip. 
We know this because the good folk at Strava have analysed 31.5 million exercise activities and worked it out. 
But, to balance out these slightly depressing bit of information they’ve also analysed all the 2017 data to find out the best ways to stay motivated. 
This is what they found: 
  1. Exercising with friends leads to people being 22% more active
  2. Joining a club leads to people being 46% more active
  3. Set a goal - of those who set a race as a goal in January, 92% were still active 10 months later
  4. Train in the morning - people who are most regularly active, are likely to exercise in the morning
  5. Start run or bike commuting - people who commute to work under their own steam are 43% more active at the weekend

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So there you go! If your enthusiasm for running is starting to wane in this dreary weather, Strava give you some nailed-on strategies that are proven to work.

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