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The XF brand launches in the UK

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Friday 2nd February 2018
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A new contender in the fitness market has just launched, with nutrition products for runners and gym goers. 
The XF Brand has been master-minded by a team of fitness professionals and they have three simple objectives: to enhance overall wellbeing; give consumers what they need to look and feel the best they can; and deliver great tasting products using only premium ingredients.
The products which might be of interest to runners are: 
  • Pre Xtreme: a unique formula that drives intense concentration, enhanced focus and powerful endurance, this is designed to elevate the ability to train harder, maximise strength, reduce tiredness and fatigue and balances electrolytes when working out. 
  • Intra Xtreme: works to provide more energy, boost endurance, prolong activity and improve performance with a rapid quick hit; a smart choice for runners or cyclists.


Serious about taste and texture, the carefully curated supplements have been created using high quality ingredients and the most experienced of manufacturers to ensure that flavours truly match the description on each product and textures are spot on.  Chocolate flavoured products taste like the real thing and not synthetic like some others, and the mix-ability of each powder is second to none delivering a smooth texture free of lumps, clumps and residue.  With overall wellbeing at its core, Pre- products will offer substantial focus for the duration of the work-out and taper off appropriately, avoiding the buzz and crash effect, and Protein Powders work to keep potential digestive issues at bay with the inclusion of digestive enzymes. 
As 2018 continues, The XF Brand will unveil exciting projects including activewear and accessories, a wellness range and a gym in Surrey to further enhance its lifestyle and wellbeing focus and make its mark as an up and coming industry leader, trend-setter, innovator and motivator.
For more information visit www.thexfbrand.com

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