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Spotlight on Brooks Running

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Monday 12th February 2018
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With lots of exciting things happening at Brooks Running, we wanted to find out more about the brand and the products. We spoke to Carson Caprara, Director, Global Footwear Product Line Management, Brooks Running, who told us a little about their company and their plans. 
Q: What would you say the Brooks ethos is?
A: At Brooks, we are 100% focused on the run and building the best gear for runners. Our brand speaks authentically to all who run—we understand them, their needs, their desires, their dreams and aspirations, their commitment to the sport and fitness lifestyle. We also believe that performance is timeless and we continue to double down on our commitment to build the best performance running gear in the world.
Q: Why does Brooks have the edge over other run footwear brands?

A: Since 2001, we have committed ourselves to being the leader in performance running with an exclusive focus on the runner in producing gear for both the sport and the running lifestyle. This focus has allowed our brand to distinguish ourselves from category competitors.
Q: Levitate has been a best-selling shoe for you, and it's great to see it back this season in black. Why do you think it’s been such a game-changer? 
A: The Brooks Levitate is our first shoe 100% focused on energy return, featuring a revolutionary new engineered midsole material called DNA Amp that provides runners with the springy and responsive ride they’re asking for. Runners are raving about the experience that Levitate affords them. They are truly getting the choice of a great performing running shoe with unrivaled energy return. Running feels easier, letting them get more out of every step and mile.

Levitate collage
The Brooks Levitate

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the research that you do in your lab before you launch a new shoe that’s as full of tech as the Levitate? 
A: We continue to invest in building the best performance running gear because we believe performance is timeless. Every design and engineering choice we make is intended to improve the runner’s performance and his or her running experience to make the run better, faster, safer, more comfortable and ultimately more rewarding and fun. We start with runner insight and layer in a deep understanding of biomechanics. We also validate all our products using both qualitative and quantitative data. 
We test every apparel and shoe model every time, no exceptions, to ensure the product delivers on runners wants and needs. Each new technology or performance feature is tested in the lab for biomechanics and perceptual feedback from actual runners and then sent to runners across the country for more detailed and customized wear testing.
Q: How much do the staff behind the scenes at Brooks and their own running drive developments in show tech? 
A: The team internally at Brooks is united by the shared goal of creating the best running gear for runners. Most of our internal employees share a passion for running which is inherently infused into their work. The team also spends a great deal of time talking with runners around the world to ensure the products we’re delivering have a positive impact on all runners.
Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the culture at Brooks? Are there super-competitive lunchtime runs? 

A: At Brooks, we work hard and play hard. We are laser focused on building the best running gear in the world but we also find time to enjoy ourselves. At the Brooks HQ, you can often find employees heading out the door throughout the day to enjoy the run—either to clear their head or to meet with a fellow coworkers. 
Q: Brooks has always been known for doing both great road shoes and trail shoes, which is difficult to pull off! Is trail running an important market to Brooks? 
A: Yes! Trail running continues to be an important market for Brooks around the world. In fact, this season we updated the Caldera and Mazama to provide runners with new features and benefits so they can get more out of their trail running adventures.
Q: Can you tell us about any important developments that you have coming in 2018? 
A: In 2018, we remain focused on building the best running gear that caters to the needs of all runners. We continue to learn more about the biomechanics of runners and in the year ahead, we will introduce exciting new technologies in our Cushion and Energize categories. We also recently announced a partnership with HP and Superfeet to create the most personalized running footwear which we will continue to update runners on as new information is available.

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