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Dr Andrew Murray’s top tips for training in the snow

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Thursday 1st March 2018
Scottish ultra runner Dr. Andrew Murray is a man who knows a thing or two about running in cold conditions. A two-time Genghis Khan Ice Marathon champion and winner of the North Pole Marathon and the the Antarctic Ice Marathon, Murray has braved temperatures as low -35 degree C, glided across a frozen river network and evaded packs of wild wolves all to win titles. 
Below Dr. Murray has provided his four top tips to help you make the most of the snow and ensure your training stays strong.
Looking out of my window today even a couple big ugly buildings in front of me look like beautiful wedding cakes.  Everything looks pretty in the snow, it's like living in a brand new town.  Get out and explore
I'll sometimes wear Seal Skin socks, which although your feet get sweaty, it keeps the snow and ice out. Wear shoes that have great grip on them to help you move confidently through the snow, rather than slipping on your backside.  My trusty Merrells have served me well in Outer Mongolia in Winter, in the High Arctic as well as the hills and streets of the UK. If the snow gets super-deep you could consider putting show shoes or skis on.
Wrap up like an onion!  Lots of thin layers that you can peel on and off are much better than one thick layer.  Gloves and something that covers your ears (for example a buff, or a hat) are essential - as your fingers and ears are the areas that get cold first
Your phone battery lasts less long in the cold.  Charge it fully before you head out. Most phones have incredible cameras on them now, great to capture those snowy pictures we see on social media all the time.  A few quid can be just the thing to nip into a local cafe for a hot chocolate or grab a bite to eat.  Running in the snow uses up way more energy than running normally.

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