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Snow running tips from Ieuan Thomas and Tom Marshall

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Thursday 1st March 2018
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There’s one topic of conversation in the UK at the moment - the snow! If you’re wondering how best not to let the weather disrupt your training too much we’ve got some tips from Ieuan Thomas and Tom Marshall, Saucony athletes currently preparing to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games. 
1. Layers, layers, layers!
The extra cold temperature that comes with these snowy conditions means it's much harder to warm up your body to perform at it's best. That's why you can't really have too many layers when you start your run. We'd recommend a tight baselayer, a good quality midlayer, and then a jacket to finish as an absolute minimum. You can always layer down if you're overheating when you get going. Gloves and a warm hat are essentials too! Plus if the snow is really coming down, sunglasses can be a surprisingly good addition.
2. Trail shoes > road shoes
When it comes to snow packed pavements, you need a shoe that is going to give you the absolute best grip possible. The lugs on trail shoes offer much better grip against uneven and slippery terrain, so are a safer option! The Saucony Razor Ice is my preferred option!
3. Carefully plan your route!
When it comes to running in the snow, planning is essential. Main roads and pavements where there's consistent foot traffic are always the best options because these are more likely to be gritted and offer solid grip. If this isn't an option, try and stay away from steep downhill sections. The last thing you want is to take a slip and slide the rest of the way down the slope! 
4. Treadmills aren't the worst option
If your local gym is open then the treadmill may be the best option, especially if you have get in a interval session. My favourite session for on the treadmill is 3 x 3km off 2 minutes recovery. Most treadmills get up to 20km/h so you you can still get the pace without worrying about the slip and slide conditions outside! (Just make sure the snow isn't so bad that you can't get back home!) There's even apps such as Zwift which will allow you to train in a virtual world whilst on the treadmill and interact with other runners whilst you do it.

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