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Run3D 2018 athlete sponsorship programme

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Friday 9th March 2018
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Following the success of their elite athlete program in 2017 Run3D are looking to add to their roster of athletes receiving support from them.
At Run3D they work with professional athletes from several sporting backgrounds and they realised that there are many athletes looking to reach championship competition level that do not have access to medical support. Run 3D are looking to help some of these athletes by offering sponsorship programmes for 2018.  
What does the programme have to offer?
  • A Run3D gait analysis assessment to help identify underlying biomechanical imbalances.
  • An objective musculoskeletal assessment of your strength, flexibility, motor control and stability.
  • Further assessment/treatment from a physiotherapist or podiatrist if injury should occur. 
  • Exposure on our website and other social media platforms with your progress. 
Their current athlete Anna Boniface said “Run3D’s innovative technology has highlighted the subtle abnormalities in my running gait. The team have devised a programme to target these areas which is the key to faster running and injury prevention.” 
If successful your obligations would include promoting Run3D on social media channels. 
How To Apply
Please email ken@run3d.co.uk and tell them why you should be considered for the programme by answering the following questions:
1. Notable achievements, representative honours, and years 

2. Recent injury history 

3. Goals and ambitions for 2018 and beyond 

4. Any further statement on why you should be selected 
Deadline for applications is the 29th March 

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