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Runderwear Support Bra review

by Tracey Moggeridge
Sunday 25th March 2018
A creature of habit, I’ve used the same tried and tested sports bras for too many years, I was keen, but hesitant to try out a new performance sports bra by Runderwear.  Goodness knows why, my old sports bra often leaves me with red chafe marks on my sternum and lower back, especially on those long training runs and races.  The sort when you hit the shower and those tiny red marks shout out a good-un. The box had promising claims, chafe free, ergonomic design, made from moisture wicking fabric.  
I put it on to check it would fit, lovely light weight and so soft, it has a beautiful quality feel to the fabric, the cups felt robust enough to reassure that it wouldn’t leave your lady lumps dancing about free-form should you encounter any bumps in the road.   The bra is two-layered; the first layer being made of incredibly soft material aimed at preventing chafing or irritation.  The second layer with breathable mesh to prevent you getting hot and bothered. It felt comfortable, my only concern was around the clasp that sits on the rear, as that’s often where these products can let you down.
The adjustable straps are wide enough to sit comfortably on your shoulders without any fear of digging in, and the huggable cross-over style back means you could wear it with any racer-back style vest top, sporty enough not to feel you were wearing your Nan's built for comfort hand-me-downs.
The clean look and feel is softened by nice and shapely pink trim to the cup. The band that sits underneath your chest felt really comfortable, no riding up, a snug fit but not tight or restrictive.
I’d hoped to road test it in anger at the weekend on the Grizzly – a 20-mile off-road trail race in Devon – perfect!
Waking up in Devon that following weekend we opened the curtains to a tonne of snow, and race organisers had to reduce the mileage to a still respectable but more sensible 10 mile race.  Again putting the bra on for the second time, having adjusted the straps previously to fit, it felt like wearing a second skin. 
Testament to its claims about providing ultimate comfort I didn’t even think about the bra itself whilst racing, that in of itself is the biggest compliment you can give to Runderwear, as a lass who has worn enough ill-fitting sportswear in her time, this is a big deal. Nothing worse than wire digging in incessantly, that horrible rub in the small of your back, a tight restrictive feel to your chest.  Runderwear truly have designed a bra that means you don’t have to think about what it’s doing, leaving you to concentrate on the important things like staying upright in blizzard conditions, and wiping the snow from your eyes for the hundredth time.
Goodness knows why I’ve persisted with my same old tried and tested sports bra, this felt a thousand times more comfortable, that level of support to reassure minimal bounce was a real bonus, I thought only wired-bras could afford that, or the sort that hug you so tight your face turns a funny shade of purple where it restricts your breathing.
This bra really does tick all the boxes, it’s SO comfortable, I also felt natty wearing it, it’s reassuringly supportive, sporty-looking but still with a touch of femininity, my now totally abandoned old models are NOT natty. Runderwear have designed a bra with such lovely soft material that I had none of the irritations that a hot shower would typically uncover, I did get hot during the race despite the Baltic weather conditions, but I noticed no friction, no sweaty feel, just very comfortable.
Their completely deserve their awards, Runderwear – THANK YOU, for liberating me from chafe, from making me feel like a lady by designing something that is can be built for comfort, style and speed.  Old bra, prepare to be burnt!  Sorry old girl.

Find out more about the new Runderwear Support Bra at www.runderwear.co.uk

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