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London Marathon countdown with Saucony athlete Anna Boniface

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Monday 16th April 2018
Are you feeling last-minute marathon jitters? We can help to soothe those nerves with Saucony athlete Anna Boniface’s tips. Anna is a 2.37 marathon runners and was the first female finisher in the mass race of last year’s London Marathon. 
Part 1 of Anna’s tips look at this week’s taper and what you should be practising now to make your race go smoothly. Part 2 tomorrow will deal with nutrition, organisation for race day and how to stay focussed...
The final two weeks before a marathon can make or break your race. Training will not get you any fitter but recovery will. Those hard winter miles need to be absorbed. Rest, nailing nutrition and “just ticking over” will allow those final physiological adaptions to occur. 
Come race day, you’ll be fresh and fast. 
However, taper tantrums can often lead runners astray and all that training can go to waste. 
Taper Training 
From your last long run (2-3 weeks out usually) up to race day your training volume will gradually decrease. 
  • Reduce the volume - stick to the same frequency and routine but reduce the length of your runs. 2-3 weeks out usually sees a 20-25% reduction. 
  • Do some speed work - A few faster, short repetition workouts and doing 6 x 100m strides after easy runs can be a great way to sharpen up the legs. 
  • Catch up with friends and family - fill the void in your day with socialising. Booking coffee dates will help you avoid the temptation to do unnecessary miles. 
  • Keep familiar with marathon pace - I do my final workout on the Tuesday before race day to remind myself of that all important pace goal. 
In the last few weeks its good to do a dress rehearsal for race day and figure out your plan. 
  • Ensure all your kit and trainers fit comfortably - never race in new kit. 
  • Check how you are going to carry your gels  (you should be well practiced with your chosen brand by this point). 
  • Practice picking up water bottles, drinking and taking your gels. 
  • Finalise your race target and pace - it’s good to have 3 targets - plan A, B and C. Don’t drastically change your pace plan. 
  • Plan where all your supporters will be on the course - knowing where they will be gives you something to look forward to and can help break the race up. 
The time spent not running in your taper should be to maximise your recovery. 
  • Aim for an average of 8 hours sleep. 
  • Add in more rest days - my final rest day is the day I go to the expo. This avoids too much time on my feet. 
  • Avoid any necessary physical activity - don’t decide to redecorate your house or start a cycle commute to work during your taper. 

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