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Polar FT40

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Wednesday 5th January 2011
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Pure white, sheer inspiration

Polar, the market leader and pioneer in heart rate training technology, introduces the FT40 training computer with a fresh, new white design. By giving the user clear and simple training guidance, the FT40 is the ideal choice for those who want to be fit, stay in shape and look good by going to the gym, jogging and participating in active sports.

Monitoring heart rate is the best way to tell how effective training is in relation to a person’s fitness. Whether the purpose of training is to burn fat or to improve fitness, the FT40 gives you a better understanding of your body. With easy-to-use Polar features based on heart rate you get guidance in the most efficient and effective way to reach your fitness goals.

Taking your heart rate and its variability at rest the exceptional Polar Fitness Test feature measures if you are really improving your fitness. To do the test simply lie down for a while, press a button to start the test, and relax. In only five minutes you’ll get a reading that estimates your maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max). It tells you how good a shape you are in on a scale from very low to elite. By comparing the value over time, you can see how your training has improved your fitness.

Polar FT40The unique EnergyPointer feature shows you visually during training whether your effort is more towards improving your fitness or burning fat. The feature uses heart rate variability to calculate the centre point between the two training effects. When the heart rate is below the point, you are improving your fat burning; above the point, your aerobic fitness.

The new FT40 comes with a very flexible white silicone strap that is comfortable to wear in all conditions. The subtle pink display graphics make the new FT40 an elegant choice for the style-conscious who want the best for both their fitness and looks. The silicone strap is dirt-resistant. Any smudges rubbed on during training wipe off easily.

The comfortable Polar WearLink®+ transmitter, which comes with every FT40, picks up the heart’s signals and relays the data to the training computer. The soft textile strap seamlessly adapts around the user’s chest bringing full freedom of movement to the training session. Each transmitter is individually coded to eliminate any cross-signal when there are several people training close together.

The FT40 counts and displays the number of calories burnt and connects to the online training diary at polarpersonaltrainer.com with the optional Polar FlowLink data transfer unit. In the web service you can interact with other active people, follow up and analyze training results, see your training load status, and get online training guidance. Seeing clear evidence of your progress over time is a great motivator. It gives a real boost to pursuing your fitness goals.

“If you want to train smart and monitor your fitness, go for the new FT40 with the EnergyPointer and the Fitness Test,” says Liz Shenton, Education and Performance Manager for Polar Electro UK. “The new, easy-to-use FT40 not only gives you clear training guidance to help you achieve better fitness and greater enjoyment of training, it is also an elegant choice for active women. What they get with the pure white FT40 is great style and sheer inspiration.”

On sale through authorized Polar retailers from October 2010, the fresh, new FT40 for women comes white with a comfortable WearLink®+ transmitter. The Polar FlowLink can be purchased separately as an accessory.

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