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About Us

Run247 is brought to you by the successful team who publish : www.tri247.com and www.duathlon247.com

All of us started our sporting journey from a running background so Run247 was the obvious choice to take us back to our roots. The running market is so diverse that anyone and anybody can run. The website is aimed at all ages and levels of running ability and will be looking to bring you the latest news, events and running information to help you however you run.

The objective of Run247 is to produce the most comprehensive, professional and independent resource for running in the UK – 24 hours a day, seven-days a week.

Key Contacts

Editorial Team

Kirsty Reade
M:+44 (0)7973 933492
E: kirsty.reade@run247.com

John Levison
M: +44 (0)7904 969 365
E: john.levison@run247.com

Sales and Marketing Team

Paul Shanley
M: +44 (0)7931 705104
E: paul.shanley@run247.com

Andy Tomlinson
M: +44 (0)7931 705058
E: andy.tomlinson@run247.com

Run247 is part of Tri247 Ltd.

Tri247 Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 6018565. Registered Office: 59 Victoria Road North, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4NQ

Meet the Team

Britta Sendlhofer


Editor The Fell Runner
Webmaster Athletics weekly
Designer Realrunner.com and British Runner Magazine

"I love to run. In the mornings with the dogs, at lunch time to get away from the computer, in the evenings with my running club or even at night on the fells, with intrepid friends. I usually run just once a day though!

"Originally from Austria, I came to live in the Lake District in 1990. Always in love with the mountains, the local hills and fells have since been my favourite ‘playground’. I spend much of my spare time exploring the hills – no matter what the season or the weather – always accompanied by my two Border Collies.

"While the fells and trails are my first love, I have also completed ten road marathons, before moving up to ultra events. My biggest achievements to date are completing a Bob Graham Round, the Himalayan 100 mile stage race, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc race and winning the Lakeland 100 in 2010."

Paul Shanley


Publisher of NZ Runner Magazine
Marketing Director Realrunner.com
Marketing Manager for 40th Anniversary Rotorua Marathon
10+ marathon finisher
Highlight – New York Marathon dressed as Sponge Bob Squarepants

“During the week I run early in the mornings in the forest with the dog off the lead. It’s the best way to start the day and it also means the dog is happy spending the rest of the day sleeping when I am making calls and sitting in front of the pc. Where possible I look to get a long run in on Sunday so I can justify an afternoon on the sofa eating pizza and preparing for the work week ahead.”

Andy Tomlinson


Sales Manager realrunner.com
Ad Manager British Runner Magazine
National Sales Manager realbuzz.com
Highlight – Getting out to races and seeing the fun and the pain of competing at all levels and conditions!

"Combining a very busy workload on run247.com and getting back into my training means that I have a full-on week. The finisher of quite a few half marathons and shorter distance races I am looking to get out and about at more great races this year and meet as many of you as I can."

John Levison


Editor, Tri247.com
4-time Ironman triathlon finisher
6-time marathon finisher
Highlight - Sub-3 hour London Marathon / Two Oceans Ultra (Cape Town)

"I seem to have been running about in various forms since a young age. Starting with rugby and football, I tried most sports at school before finding my ‘home’ in triathlon. I’ve always included lots of running events in my schedule, even when triathlon events were my focus. Running is such a great sport and you can be out of the door and into the fresh air within minutes. I need to remind myself of that when I spend (yet) another hour in front of the PC screen.

"I really enjoy all aspects of running, from chasing PB times, splashing through the mud in a winter cross country event, killer treadmill intervals or simply a relaxing run through the park, chatting with friends. And if it finishes with coffee and cake, all the better!

"It’s been a fair few years since I set a PB, but like most of you out there, I haven’t given up hope yet..."


The Run247 Logo

Run247 is alive. Yes I said it, alive, the logo is alive.

We want you the reader to take and own the logo. Think of it as a pet you don’t have to feed, a friend you don’t need to buy a birthday present for*, a mistress you don’t have to hide. We want you to add running to your twenty four seven life with the use of Run247.

The logo moves as it has life. It will and does go to races. It likes to be seen, touched and talked about. You can put it on your website, print it off and put it in your pocket, tell people at dinner parties about it. Most of all we want you to visit it regularly and use the information it gathers and provides to make you run better, happier and more!

(* Run247's birthday was the 24th July 2009 if you do want to get it something...)

Find out more about the Run247 Logo here


Download the Run247 logo

The RUN247.com logo is an important element of our website and our branding. We would love you to use it where appropriate on your website or print material and so we have provided you with a simple way to get it in the version that suits you the best. Our logos are available for download here





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