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Interviews at the Running Show
Posted: Friday 15th November 2013.
Over the last few years Run247 had its video lounge on-site at the Running Show
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Power Up 2012: Two New Interval Training Sessions from AudioFuel
Posted: Wednesday 3rd October 2012.
Music news: Power Up 2012 - the latest releases from AudioFuel takes you through a pyramid interval training session
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Just press play for the inspiration to get fit for the summer
Posted: Wednesday 28th March 2012.
AudioFuel have created a 12 minute motivational session called Lace Up with four times world Ironman champion Chrissie W...
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Tri Harder - with Chrissie Wellington
Posted: Wednesday 21st December 2011.
Sports music experts, AudioFuel, are hosting an evening with reigning Ironman Champion, Chrissie Wellington
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AudioFuel release their new Running Music iPhone App
Posted: Wednesday 2nd November 2011.
The NEW AudioFuel Running Music iPhone App provides a unique combination of coaching, music and real time GPS tracking
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Thru The Gears - FREE MP3 Download
Posted: Friday 8th April 2011.
Sennheiser joins forces with AudioFuel to spur runners to greater performance at the Virgin London Marathon and beyond
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Why run with music?
Posted: Sunday 16th January 2011.
Running with music is like marmite: some people love it and some people hate it
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Fuel your running with music for improved results
Posted: Thursday 16th December 2010.
Annie Emmerson interviews Sean Blair from Audiofuel on the Run247 stand at the 2010 London Running Show
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Nike Grid: game or a gimmick?
Posted: Tuesday 26th October 2010.
For the second time this year Nike have organised their Grid running game in London. Four days in (the game kicked off a...
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Small upstart brand AudioFuel takes on global giant Nike at its own game
Posted: Monday 25th October 2010.
Ex-boxer and ultra runner Jackson Williams to ‘just do it’ and run 115 kms in under 12 hours as part of Nike Grid
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