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Dr Andrew Murray’s top tips for training in the snow
Posted: Thursday 1st March 2018.
Debating whether to get out there and run in the snow?
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Dr Andrew Murray's top 5 tips for running in extreme cold
Posted: Friday 6th January 2017.
Dr Andrew Murray knows a thing or two about running in extreme cold. He shares his top tips
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“Brits can win gold” says ultra-running Doc after epic African adventure
Posted: Friday 2nd August 2013.
Athlete news: Endurance athlete and Merrell ambassador, Dr Andrew Murray has completed an epic 18 day journey across Eas...
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Scotland to Sahara in 78 days
Posted: Tuesday 25th January 2011.
Dedicated to reducing poverty in the South Gobi region of Mongolia, Dr Andrew Murray undertook a massive, record breakin...
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