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Running is such a simple sport...
Posted: Thursday 6th April 2017.
Gary Dalton remembers the days when running was so much simpler
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Gary wanders Gran Canaria and his thoughts wander even further...
Posted: Monday 6th March 2017.
Gary Dalton reflects on a (very successful) Transgrancanaria 360 race
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A first look at the inov-8 All Terrain Pro Vest 0-15
Posted: Monday 30th January 2017.
Gary Dalton takes a first look at the inov-8 All Terrain Pro Vest 0-15
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'Stuck up bitch...'
Posted: Monday 16th January 2017.
Gary Dalton examines the shocking revelation that one third of women are harassed while running
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The Tor wins
Posted: Wednesday 28th December 2016.
Gary Dalton updates us on the 4K race and the Tor
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All I want for Christmas...
Posted: Friday 2nd December 2016.
We asked some of our contributors and interviewees what they really, really want for Christmas
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Make yourself a more efficient runner with Profeet
Posted: Wednesday 23rd November 2016.
Gary Dalton checks out Profeet's new 3D motion detection scanner, to find out the benefits to runners
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This week Gary's feeling...rungry
Posted: Friday 21st October 2016.
Gary Dalton finds his normally strong opinions softening. Aaaah.
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I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed...
Posted: Friday 7th October 2016.
It's a case of 'in with anger, out with love' for Gary Dalton when it comes to record breakers
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Another day...
Posted: Friday 23rd September 2016.
Gary Dalton walks away to find what he really needed
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