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Ultra running goes underground
Posted: Wednesday 11th March 2015.
Run247 columnist Kirsty Reade knows that some things are just too good to keep to yourself and shares her experience and...
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Winning Strategies
Posted: Wednesday 24th July 2013.
Book review: Performance coach Midgie Thompson has written a great book to help us get the most from our running, and fr...
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London Calling: It's a numbers game - and the odds are heavily stacked in your favour! #VLM2013
Posted: Friday 19th April 2013.
With race day fast approaching, Run247 tries to calm some of the pre-race nerves
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Spring Marathon preparation
Posted: Friday 15th February 2013.
Interview: Kirsty Reade talks to performance coach, Midgie Thompson of Bright Futures Coaching and author of ‘Winning...
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Believe in yourself
Posted: Monday 19th September 2011.
Plaguing self doubt and fears of failure can have a damaging impact on your running goals. Mental performance and lifest...
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