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Protect your gut!
Posted: Thursday 26th April 2012.
Neovite study shows core temperature and gut permeability linked to heatstroke and heart risk
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Gut permeability limits training capacity
Posted: Friday 20th January 2012.
Neovite Colostrum’s recent study published in the American Journal of Physiology looked at the effect of intense e...
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Winter running kit recommendations
Posted: Thursday 8th December 2011.
It's been a pretty cold and blustery week 'Up North' with the weather really testing not only my determination in gettin...
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Too hot to trot?
Posted: Wednesday 9th February 2011.
Science confirms Neovite colostrum reduces exercise-induced gut damage, the infamous “Runner’s Trots”
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On top of the world at 70
Posted: Monday 13th December 2010.
Cecilia Morrison is the current W70 world record holder for 1500m & 5000m. She has only been running regularly since the...
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Neovite sponsor Sharon Gaytor
Posted: Tuesday 22nd June 2010.
Neovite, the natural functional food, sponsors Sharon Gayter, Commonwealth Champion and Great Britain’s top female 24 ...
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NEOVITE - the dairy functional food
Posted: Wednesday 26th May 2010.
Neovite colostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the first 48 hours after birth
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