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Spartan Race announce 2018 calendar and prize money!
Posted: Thursday 8th February 2018.
2018 races and a prize pot of £12,000 announced for athletes
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Commando Series is back with 3 new obstacles!
Posted: Thursday 5th October 2017.
Commando returns to Hever Castle in November with 3 new obstacles
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Taming the Spartan Beast
Posted: Thursday 5th October 2017.
James Jelfs takes on Spartan Beast in Windsor
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Running wild at Wolf Run
Posted: Monday 11th September 2017.
James Jelfs experiences a wild day out at the Wolf Run
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Suffering for fun? Why do an OCR?
Posted: Friday 1st September 2017.
Caroline Newton examines the phenomenon of suffering for fun
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Spartan Race comes to Windsor
Posted: Friday 11th August 2017.
Windsor Great Park Estate will host race on 30th September
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Have you got what it takes to do the Commando Series?
Posted: Monday 7th August 2017.
Commando Series is back at Hever Castle this November
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Tough Times at Tough Guy
Posted: Friday 5th February 2016.
Our obstacle course racing columnist, Paul Hayward, takes the plunge at the daddy of all OCRs: Tough Guy.
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David Hellard does Marathon des Sables
Posted: Thursday 4th February 2016.
He's led the London Marathon, now David Hellard is heading to the Marathon des Sables...
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Of battles with crocodiles, space hoppers and children
Posted: Thursday 12th February 2015.
Race report: Obstacle racing columnist Paul Hayward returns to 1 Step Beyond 's Mud N Madness - February 7, 2015
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