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Running Form Friday: Segway Drill
Posted: Friday 17th August 2012.
Simple and effective, the Segway drill is the epitome of starting out with natural running!
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Running Form Friday: Overstriding
Posted: Friday 10th August 2012.
More than anything proper natural running form is about LOADING with your feet and body/center of mass in the proper rel...
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Running Form Friday: Plantar Fasciitis
Posted: Friday 27th July 2012.
In this edition of Running Form Friday, Danny gets into the why's, wherefore's and how to prevent PF
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Avoid blisters, aches and pains with some simple solutions from Sole
Posted: Tuesday 21st February 2012.
Orthopaedic specialists at SOLE have some tips on how to avoid or remedy common problems, with additional advice fro...
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Pain-free marathon training with the Swiss DolorClast
Posted: Tuesday 13th April 2010.
Runners that have had their marathon training programmes disrupted by troublesome foot and ankle injuries can now call o...
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