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Carbs & Caffeine: Science explains their synergistic effect
Posted: Friday 12th July 2013.
The Protein Work's Sports Scientist Ross Edgley takes a look at the mechanisms by which a combination of caffeine and ca...
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The Strongman Run Survival Guide: Mud, Sweat And Beers
Posted: Wednesday 15th May 2013.
Race report: Run247 columnist Ross Edgley reports Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run in Germany - May 4, 2013
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Probiotics could give endurance athlete’s immune boost
Posted: Friday 28th September 2012.
Sports scientist from Myprotein.com Ross Edgley explains the potential new benefits of probiotics for endurance athlet...
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Improve Endurance with Citrulline Malate
Posted: Saturday 12th May 2012.
Myprotein.com Sports Scientist Ross Edgley looks at just how this supplement works and why so many endurance athletes a...
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Improve your sprint with science
Posted: Tuesday 24th April 2012.
Ross Edgley takes an entertaining look at how research could (theoretically) help to improve sprint times quite drastica...
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Harvard develop perfect formula to run a marathon
Posted: Tuesday 27th March 2012.
Hitting ‘the wall’ is something most serious endurance athletes would have experienced during their careers, but n...
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The Last Minute Marathon Guide
Posted: Thursday 15th March 2012.
Whilst conventional marathon training advice generally advocates 16 to 22 weeks of heavy running, 6 times a week, to i...
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New research shows fish oils could improve endurance for runners
Posted: Tuesday 6th March 2012.
Myprotein.com Sports Scientist Ross Edgley shares research on how supplementing your diet with fish oils can help the h...
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Are neurotransmitters overlooked when recovering
Posted: Tuesday 14th February 2012.
Myprotein.com Sports Scientist Ross Edgley explains how the small details can make a big difference
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Increase your lung capacity - with nutrition?
Posted: Wednesday 1st February 2012.
Myprotein.com Sports Scientist Ross Edgley explores how you could improve your lung capacity, and therefore running time...
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